Merlinia A/S (previously Merlinia Aps, previously Merlinholm Systems Aps) is now 27 years old! That makes us older than the average age of the companies listed on the American Standard & Poor's 500 Index, for whatever that's worth. :-)

Our previous website was developed over the years 2003 - 2006 using Adobe Dreamweaver, and ran substantially unchanged since then. Amazingly, the old web server, a Compaq ProLiant 330e running Windows Server 2003, has run non-stop since 2005. It lived down in the basement, and we'll probably keep it around for a while - you never know when you might need a reliable backup machine.

Times have changed. This new website is based on Joomla!, and the new web server is somewhere "in the cloud". Specifically, it's running on a Microsoft Azure server.

So, what's in store for Merlinia in the next 27 years? Well, they say that predictions are difficult, especially about the future, so we'll just note that development of Merlinia OutBack version 5.5 will start as soon as a few final things about this website are completed. And we'll be focusing on making OutBack a more general and easy-to-use employee information system, more cloud-based and mobile-oriented. And customer feedback, as always, will influence our future plans.