SMS Gateway

The OutBack system has an optional SMS Gateway component that provides a certain amount of integration with mobile telephone usage. It provides several facilities:

  • OutBack users can, from their OutBack Windows client program, send an SMS to any mobile telephone anywhere in the world. (It is, of couse, much easier to compose a text message on a PC than on a mobile telephone.)
  • An OutBack user can set his/her OutBack status (do not disturb, in a meeting, lunch, available to take calls, etc.) from their mobile telephone using a simple command language.
  • An OutBack user can also query the current status of any other OutBack user.
  • OutBack users who are "responders" for certain "requests" (typically alarm situations) can be notified by SMS when an alarm has been activated by another OutBack user. These "SMS responders" can also send an SMS to OutBack to indicate when they are going "on duty" or "off duty".

For Android-based smartphones the above facilities, except for the first one, can be better taken care of using the OutBack for Android app.


The SMS Gateway program makes use of a so-called "GSM modem", for example from Gemalto (formerly Cinterion, formerly Siemens), and needs to have a SIM card installed, implying the need for a mobile telephone subscription with a provider. The customer can choose to install the system on-premises, or it can be hosted by Merlinia.